The users have spoken and platforms are answering. Responsiveness is a key theme as brands strive to adapt to both user feedback and criticism alike. Attempts to increase transparency continue on Facebook amid outcry from users, while Snapchat and Twitter continue to roll out highly requested updates to their platforms in an attempt to remain relevant and please vocal users and advertisers.

Snapchat Announces Launch of Snapchat Audience Network

  • At its first ever Snap Partner Summit, Snapchat announced that it will begin showing its ads in other apps, with the launch of Snapchat Ad Kit and the Snapchat Audience network. Similar to Facebook’s audience network, the Snapchat Audience network component will allow brands to utilize Snapchat’s vertical video ads across their participating partner apps. Brands will be able to reuse previously Snap-exclusive ads by serving to partner apps such as Postmates, Patreon, Eventbrite and Pandora, directly through the Snap platform itself.
  • What it means for brands: Snapchat now reaches 75 percent of 13 to 34-year-olds in the U.S., and 90 percent of 13 to 24-year-olds. The Audience Network will give ads previously only compatible with the Snapchat platform more reach, making it more worthwhile for brands to invest their ad dollars in Snapchat. For pharma brands specifically, this presents an incentive to advertise with Snapchat to gain access to their audience in and out of the app, while running ads in a full screen format that eliminates the risk of running adjacent to undesirable content. Caution should still be taken, however, as the current available guidelines do not yet specify whether advertisers will be able to choose which of the partner apps their ads appear on.

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Twitter Tests New Easier to Follow Conversation Labels

  • In a continued effort to make it easier to follow conversations, Twitter is testing three new reply labels for its conversation threads. A previous test had used the term “original tweeter” to describe a person who first tweeted and then replied to the resulting conversation. In the newest test, this has been changed to “Author” in the interest of clarity. Additionally, Twitter has added two new labels, “mentioned” and “following” to further identify key players in a conversation.
  • What this means for brands: While there are a number of existing methods for keeping up with a tracked conversation, this latest update, if widely implemented, could allow key players in a conversation to be more easily identified, as well as leaders of those conversation. For pharma brands in particular, this could help identify accounts and influencers leading relevant conversation about topics that are less widely discussed, and present further opportunities for engagement and partnership.

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Facebook Adds Ad Transparency to Pages

  • On the heels of several other privacy and transparency-related updates, Facebook has introduced the Ads Library to all current Pages. Topline data available to users upon opening the ads library includes Page creation date, previous Page merges and name changes, primary country location of people who manage the Page and advertiser spend information for ads related to politics or issues (where the Ad Library Report is currently available). The Ads Library provides a searchable archive of ads, who saw them, and for ads deemed related to politics or “issues of importance,” their spend and impressions. Ad data will be available in the library for seven years. Users can filter ads by region, ad name or ad topic.
  • What this means for brands: For pharma brands, which tend to be high priority targets for trolling by disgruntled users, the pressure is on to remain honest and transparent while still protecting brand safety. Questions surrounding ad reach, impressions and, most notably, spend, are likely to arise now that this information is publicly available. Brands will need to take extra precaution in community management for the immediate future to ensure that they are monitoring conversation and replying where appropriate.

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