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Personalization is the name of the game! Recent updates from Facebook and Instagram are focusing on making its interfaces more user-friendly. Facebook is rolling out new features in Ads Manager, with capabilities centering on personalized reporting. Instagram’s updates will add a mute button for users to hide friends posts from their feed, while still following them, as well as a feature that alerts users when they have seen all the content from their feeds from the last 48 hours. Instagram is also working on showcasing user insights to allow users to see how much time they are spending on the app. Learn more below about these backend app updates!

Facebook Adds New Elements to Ads Manager

  • Earlier this month, Facebook started rolling out new options with Ads Manager to help advertisers get the most out of their ads platforms. The update enables the user to customize the report by adding the ability to reposition the metrics. Facebook is also adding a new campaign structure for users to view and edit campaigns in one place. Lastly, a “creative reporting” feature is being added which will help users determine the most effective element in each ad when the same creative is across multiple ads.
  • What it means for brands: With analytics becoming a more integral part of social campaigns, it’s imperative that every company has easy access to the data they collect from social advertisements. With these new features on Facebook, healthcare companies will be able to compile and customize their analytics in the backend by allowing users to pick and choose the most important data points to view. While exporting data from Facebook has been relatively simple in the past, these new features help users save time by making those changes upfront instead of in the exported report in Excel

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Instagram Adds Mute Button

  • With Facebook having the feature to “snooze” friends without unfriending them, Instagram is following suit with the “mute” button. In the coming weeks, users will be able to remove a specific user’s posts or both their posts and stories from appearing on the main Instagram feed. A muted user’s profile will still be visible and the user will not be alerted that they are muted. Once the update is fully implemented, when clicking the three dots on the right side across from the handle, the new option will come up third from the top, below the Unfollow button. After the user clicks the “Mute” button, Instagram will confirm that they want to mute this accounts photos, photos and stories, or the cancel.
  • What it means for brands: As social media moves more towards personalization within the feed, Instagram is the latest media to allow users to follow people or brands but not see their content. More and more options are becoming available and users have wanted some control over what they are seeing and how they are seeing it. Whether it’s an imaginative cover photo update on the corporate Facebook page or aesthically pleasing content on a disease awareness Instagram account, personalization is more important than ever for healthcare. It’s going to mean that healthcare companies will need to continuously post compelling, targeted content organically to avoid getting muted.

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Instagram is adding a “You’re All Caught Up” Feature

  • Currently being tested by select Instagrammers, Instagram is rolling out a new feature to alert users when they have seen all the posts in their feed from the past 48 hours. Part of Instagram’s goal with this new update is to prevent so-called “zombie browsing” and assist those who are trying to see every last photo and video from the accounts they follow. Zombie browsing is a colorful term for passively scrolling through social media without truly retaining any of the information; the user is scrolling just to scroll. Actively communicating with friends and engaging with the content is a positive, enriching type of behavior, but zombie browsing is not, which is why Instagram and Facebook are trying to combat it. You can learn more about active versus passive social media usage here.
  • What this means for brands: With this new feature, users will finally be able to feel confident they saw all of their following’s content from the last two days. To be included in that batch, healthcare companies will have to ensure that they are posting at least every 48 hours to have their organic posts to be included. If a brand does not post within those 48 hours, users following them will miss their content and those posts will have fewer impressions and engagements. This new feature makes it crucial for healthcare companies to have a steady schedule of organic content being posted or the content won’t have as high of engagement numbers as it had previously.

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Instagram Confirms Upcoming Usage Insights

  • Instagram CEO’s Kevin Systrom confirmed that Instagram is “building tools that will help the IG community know more about the time they spend on” the app. This shift is in line with many other tech companies that are encouraging users to understand how much time they are spending on social apps. An app researcher found the feature hidden in the code of Instagram’s Andriod app and the Instagram’s CEO quoted the Techcrunch article, linked above, saying, “any time [spent on Instagram] should be positive and intentioinal…Understanding how time online impacts people is important, and it’s the responsibility of all companies to be honest about this. We want to be part of the solution. I take that responsibility seriously.”
  • What this means for brands: Instagram and its parent company Facebook are striving to prove they care about their users after multiple breaches and misuses of data by helping users become self-aware of the amount of time they spend on Instagram. This could cause people to open the app less often, which could lead to less views, engagements, and less ad dollars spent. Healthcare companies should be prepared to see lower engagement numbers if many people decide to cut back after seeing their usage numbers. Many details about this feature still remain underwraps but this could allow for healthcare companies to gain a deeper insight about their target audiences based on how much time they spend on the Instagram app.

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