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All eyes on social media! Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are finding new ways to ensure users are seeing the most valuable content. Facebook recently announced a series of exclusive, funded news programs featuring top outlets to be played on Facebook Watch. Instagram is giving its Explore page a makeover, allowing users to choose what they see based on their interests. For brands, Instagram is introducing a feature that allows past organic posts to be repurposed into targeted ads. LinkedIn’s new carousel ad feature provides a dynamic way for brands to spread their messages on the newsfeed. Read on below to learn more about these new updates in the social world!

Facebook Announces First Slate of Funded News Programs

  • In an effort to bring trustworthy, informative news to Facebook, the social platform has introduced a new slate of exclusive programs to be played on the Watch page, a tab found on the left side of the newsfeed. This section will replace the Trending page on Facebook and feature content from outlets such as ABC News, Fox News, CNN, Univision, ATTN:, and more. The shows will be hosted by both award-winning journalists and new faces. Viewers can expect a mix of daily briefings, weekly deep dives, and live coverage.
  • What it means for brands: According to Pew Research, 45% of American adults find news content through Facebook, proving its legitimacy as a news source. This feature will allow Facebook to better contain the spread of “fake news” and allow publishers editorial control over their programs. Brands can feel more confident that their content is being accurately discussed and shared through this platform. These shows also provide brands with a fresh opportunity to engage audiences that are actively looking for information on Facebook.

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Instagram Revamps Explore Page to Highlight Custom Interests

  • Instagram wants users to see what interests them and them alone. The new Explore page will be organized into topical channel segments based on individuals’ likes and interests. Instead of scrolling through themes of generalized topic areas, users will refer to the horizontal row at the top of the page to find various buttons of personalized recommendations. Users can now directly engage with the content they want, instead of the content Instagram thinks they want.
  • What this means for brands: The new Explore page encourages brands to create content that their audiences will truly enjoy, given that users will have more control over the posts they view. This will make it easier for followers who are engaged with a brand’s content to see it on the page. By understanding the interests of their key demographics, brands can capitalize on this new feature to increase awareness for their product or service.

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Turn Organic Instagram Posts into Ads

  • Instagram’s latest feature allows business pages to turn their organic posts into ads. This can be done through Facebook’s Ads Manager, and is a step above the current option of simply hitting the “promote” button. Organic posts can be optimized for brand awareness, post engagements, reach and video views through “auction buying” in Ads Manager. Currently, this feature is only available for single video or single photo posts.
  • What this means for brands: This feature allows brands to capitalize on their most successful organic posts. Content that performed well in the past can now be repurposed as an ad to reach an even larger audience. Additionally, brands will be able to achieve more specific objectives regarding awareness, engagement, reach, and video views by utilizing Ads Manager as opposed to a typical organic post.

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LinkedIn Introduces Carousel Ads

  • LinkedIn is now providing a Carousel Ad feature for Sponsored Content. Similar to Facebook and Instagram, this feature allows brands to add up to 10 custom images for users to swipe through. 75% of beta test companies saw an increase in engagement and click-through-rates after using this feature when compared to standard content campaigns. LinkedIn is offering two styles of campaign set-up. The first directs clicks to the brand’s website or content and the second collects leads through LinkedIn’s lead generator.
  • What this means for brands: The carousel feature gives brands a new, compelling way to tell a story. This feature is eye-catching and likely to grab the attention of scrolling users. The interactive feature encourages audiences to engage with the brand. By utilizing this new feature, brands will be able to positively distinguish themselves from other content on users’ newsfeeds.

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