Lately we have been seeing social media channels becoming increasingly similar in their features and capabilities. The competition between apps and media outlets is fierce, and top-performing platforms are working tirelessly to one-up each other. This is great for users and brands, as this is improving overall experience.

LinkedIn Adds Website Demographics & Ability To Post Multiple Photos

LinkedIn has been working to improve user experience on the app and announced two new updates to the platform this week. First, they released a new tool called “Website Demographics.” This tool will provide insight on who is visiting a website based on profile data. This works like Facebook’s Pixel and Google Analytics. Marketers will be able to filter data based on eight segments:

  • Job title
  • Industry
  • Job seniority
  • Job function
  • Company
  • Company size
  • Location
  • Country

Additionally, LinkedIn added the capability for users to add multiple images to a single status update. Although there are no live story capabilities yet, this will allow people to tell more of a story from professional events or industry meetings and is more in line with the asset uploading functionalities other top social platforms.

  • What it means for brands: With the ability to look at website demographics, brands will be able to adjust their targeting based on data provided. For example, if a marketer was originally targeting people in IT but realize that HCP’s from the East Coast are visiting their website more frequently, they could create a campaign to reach the HCP’s with your product. The benefit of uploading multiple pictures for marketers will be to showcase more images and tell a story, thus providing more overall post engagement.

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Snapchat Finally Updated Ad Insights For Brands

  • Snapchat has worked with third-party measurement firms to roll out its marketing mix measurement program. Previously, brands were skeptical to advertise on Snapchat because of the little consumer data that was available at the end of campaigns. The update will allow brands to track campaign ROI and sales lift. The update also allows for programmatic buys and AB Testing of ads.
  • What it means for brands: Just in time for 2018 planning (marketing talk!!), Snapchat can now guarantee more insight into campaigns launched on the platform. This will allow brands to compare performance to other campaigns running on various platforms, as well as evaluate the impact on a business’s bottom line. This additional insight was added to make brands more inclined to use Snapchat to advertise, as before there was little measurement or ROI data.

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Facebook Launched New Custom Audience Capability

  • Facebook recently launched a new custom audience feature. Brands now have the capability to do event-based targeting via Facebook. Put simply, this means that marketers can pull the data from Facebook event RSVP lists and target those profiles with ads. Very helpful!
  • What it means for brands: This will serve as a great re-targeting method. If a brand hosts an event, marketers can pull all of the “going” responses to the event and target the users who have responded with a special promotion or message for attending. On the opposite end, brands can also pull the “interested” and “no” response lists with hopes of targeting them to attend a brands next event or try out a new product or service that they missed by not being in attendance to the event. Brands can also use this to create a lookalike audience, targeting people with similar interests to those that responded to the event.

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