W2O Social Scoop Logo_1024x512Facebook is on the loose. They had so many announcements in the last 2 weeks, we’re just trying to keep up. They expanded their Facebook Live capabilities, with a slew of new updates released and coming, and they also released new audience targeting features. Surely you’ve also heard about Instagram Stories, yes Instagram Stories, not Snapchat Stories. And while we’re talking about ads, YouTube introduced TrueView in-display video ads. Intrigued? Check out the scoop below!

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Facebook Live Tests Mid-Roll Video Ads

  • Facebook Live has begun testing 15 second ads that will be appear within live broadcasts. This move will mark the first time Facebook has placed ads directly inside a video. The ads will appear mid-roll as an ad break and have a lifespan of 15 seconds. Top publishing partners of Facebook will be the first to try out the new form of advertising.
  • What it means for brands: We knew when Facebook started its paid partnership with select publishers and celebrities to produce Facebook Live videos, that advertising within Facebook Live broadcasts was just a short step behind. Any opportunity to advertise is a good opportunity, and with Facebook’s push to increase Facebook Live use, content, and impressions, brands who aren’t as involved on the production side can still make their way into a Facebook Live broadcast. We’re excited to see what’s next and how targeting will roll out for these ads.

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Facebook Live Introduces New Capabilities

  • Facebook Live has extended its display options to include full screen capability for iOS devices. They also announced two other new features coming soon; longer broadcasts and a video only mode. Longer broadcasts enable longer video sharing and the video only mode allows users to temporarily hide the comments and reaction on the screen during live broadcasts.
  • What it means for brands: All of these updates are going to make a great impact on the Facebook Live experience and we have a lot to think about.
    • Full screen capabilities: this enhances the user viewing experience and we’ll be curious to see how this new feature impacts viewing longevity and overall Facebook Live broadcast results for brands.
    • Longer broadcasts: this is great for brands that want to share more but currently spend time developing multiple broadcasts that don’t performs as well as maybe one longer broadcast that captivates the audience. What’s next? Mini Facebook Live TV series? To play devil’s advocate, longer isn’t always better, so it will be interesting to see how much time users are spending watching the longer video or if they tune out after a few minutes.
    • Video only mode: many brands will take advantage of video only mode, especially pharmaceutical companies that are restricted from participating in Facebook Live due to legal restrictions and commenting issues. This may just be the workaround!

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Facebook Introduces New Audience Targeting Features

  • Facebook introduced a whole slew of new audience targeting features, including:
  • Advanced Custom Audiences: build custom audiences using multiple niche data inputs at once including: name, phone number, e-mail, location, date of birth, Facebook app user ID, and mobile advertiser ID.
  • Website Custom Audiences: create custom audiences based on who is visiting a website using: dynamic date, frequency, time spent, and aggregated values and devices.
  • Engagement on Facebook: create custom audiences based on audience engagements with lead ads and videos shared by a brand. The users that watch a majority of a brand’s videos are an important audience because advertisers can now specifically target those users.
  • Interest expansion: by selecting the Expand interests feature in the Detailed Targeting feature of Ads Manager, the software will expand interest targets that are likely to create more conversions.
  • Advanced matching: advertisers can use the customer data collected on their website, like phone numbers and email addresses, and match those with Facebook users. This allows the advertiser to retarget based on this new feature on the Facebook pixel.

What it means for brands: Facebook wants to be the first place advertisers go to share their content and target users. With each new capability, they are offering more and more opportunity for advertisers to target the right users, at the right time and truly maximize their advertising dollars, which latter up to their marketing KPIs and overall sales goals.


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YouTube Introduces TrueView In-Display Video Ads

  • YouTube changed the name of the TrueView in-display video ads to TrueView discovery ads. In addition to this name change, YouTube will also be introducing the TrueView discovery ads to mobile search results for the first time. More relevant ads will also appear in the search results. YouTube cites that these adjustments have improved its click-through rates by 11%.
  • What it means for brands: This is huge news for brand, as this is the first time that Trueview ads can appear in the app’s mobile search results. YouTube is also reconfiguring their algorithm so that the most relevant ads appear within the search results. Since Trueview Discovery ads deliver high engagement when a user clicks on the video, brands should consider this capability to increase SEO and maximize their paid spend on YouTube.

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Instagram Imitates Snapchat with Instagram Stories

  • Instagram introduced Instagram Stories, a new feature that allows users to post videos or photos with a maximum lifespan of 24 hours. Sounds familiar right? This is very similar to Snapchat’s Story feature, where the stories disappear after 24 hours. This update came as a result of a decline in content being uploaded to the channel, mostly because Instagram has become a high-stress platform where users feel obligated to upload the best photos. Their mission is to capture the world’s moments and Stories will help alleviate some of the pressure that users have to upload their absolute best content.
  • What it means for brands: Instagram is hoping that users abandon Snapchat and that advertisers come back to the Facebook ecosystem. They know that audiences engage well with quick, disposable content, and they are not denying that Snapchat did it first and did it well – they just want to be players in the game. We’ll keep our eye on this roll out and further develop this impact it will for advertisers, but definitely continue to keep paid media budgets a priority.

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Pinterest Launching Native Video Player

  • We know everyone is upping their video presence, Pinterest The platform will be launching a full integrated native video player, which is set to roll out over the next few months. Pinterest reps have shared that video has increased 60% on the platform in the last year, and because of that, they are updating their video search tools to increase video views and content sharing.
  • What is means for brands: Pinterest already improved pin search, so video search takes the platform to a whole new level and will impact the way users interact with video. There is a lot of potential for the video player, and can ultimately improve the way users shop on Pinterest. We see some digital advertising plans rolling out soon after…

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Reddit to Introduce New Ad Offering: Promoted User Posts

  • Reddit will soon roll out a new ad offering called Promoted User Posts. Within these posts, advertisers can attach a sponsored ad to user generated post that was shared on Reddit. For example, if a user creates a thread about a unique experience they had with a Go-Pro camera, Go-Pro can sponsor that thread. Reddit will then display that thread to users throughout the website, to who they think would be the most interested in the post. Reddit will need permission from the user who originally posted the thread before attaching a sponsorship to it. If the Redditers accept the sponsorship, they will receive lifetime of Reddit gold, a feature of benefits on the platform.
  • What it means for brands: Reddit has a user base of 240 million, which means there are a ton of people interacting with the content. If brands find that a large portion of their target audience lives on Reddit, then this could be a great way to expand conversation to the blog, as opposed to strictly social and media ads, which may lead to increased SEO and engagement with the content.

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