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We’ve got the latest social scoop for you: Instagram designs new features for the iPhone 7, Facebook tells advertisers to speed up, Twitter launches ad capabilities for Periscope, and more.


Instagram is Building New Features to Maximize the iPhone 7 Camera

  • Instagram’s head of design announced that the platform is building new features to enhance the user experience, in conjunction with the new iPhone 7 camera. What’s new? Instagram’s color filters and zoom options are redesigned to take advantage of the new iPhone’s camera, and now iPhone 7 users can seamlessly post iPhone Live Photos as Boomerang GIFs.
  • What it means for brands: With the release of these new features, brands are jumping at the chance to try them out. Several have already gotten creative with the ability to zoom. While the novelty of the feature may fade over time, this new ability will change the way brands can utilize the platform in creative ways in the future.

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Facebook Tells Advertisers to Speed Up Sites or Don’t Bother Asking for Clicks

  • Facebook is optimizing for mobile ads, but needs brands to meet them halfway. Facebook will be “pre-fetching” ad content and storing the content in servers, allowing for a quicker load time. However, brands need to put in work, too if they want consumers clicking. Ads need to be both optimized for mobile and direct to a website that doesn’t take a while to load. In this case, a “while” means longer than three seconds (40% of consumers click away after three seconds). Brands can make this seemingly impossible task possible by using less code and smaller files on their websites.
  • What it means for brands: If brands want their content delivered to consumers, they have to get up to speed…aka, brands need to be on the same page as consumers. This means brands need to recognize and react to the trend of users ditching their content if the experience isn’t fast. Besides ad abandonment, failing to optimize websites can also prove challenging for tracking and performance.  

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Facebook Vertical Video Ads Just Went Live

  • Facebook is going vertical. With pressure from its thriving video competitor, Snapchat, Facebook decided vertical video is the way to go, and the results thus far are nothing short of justification. The user experience with vertical video is going very smoothly, resulting in higher view through and share/engagement rates than horizontal viewing (not to mention three times more efficient CPM rates).
  • What it means for brands: With less room for distraction, video ads and live broadcasts means brands get the attention they want. While Snapchat was the first to introduce vertical videos, the Facebook audience size of 13 billion/day trumps that of Snapchat’s 150 million/day. Vertical video just makes sense with the flow of a Facebook News Feed, and looks in sync with the way Instant articles and other ads are published, but brands need to make sure that if they’re going vertical, that they’re also shooting vertical so that the video is optimized for vertical viewing.

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Twitter Adds New Ways to Monetize Live Video

  • In an effort to compete with Facebook Live, Twitter announced an addition to Twitter Amplify that will enable brand participation and monetization. Brands will be able to sponsor Periscope content and earn a share of the revenue via Twitter Amplify, which pairs content creators with brands. Initial video content will be live, with video highlights being tweeted out by the creator and shared by the brands. Brands will also be included in the video title. Chase and Grey Goose are the first to jump on this opportunity. Both brands will be sponsoring U.S. Open coverage featuring Andy Roddick.
  • What it means for brands: While live sports seem an obvious match for this capability, new and creative applications are up for grabs. Time will tell how Facebook Live and Twitter Periscope shake out, but brands have unique opportunities to participate in the live video trend, and make a profit doing so.

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Pinterest Announces New Re-targeting Options, Boosting Advertiser Potential

  • Pinterest is complementing its remarketing and lookalike audience tools introduced in June by introducing re-targeting of interested audiences. There are three options within this feature.
    • Engagement targeting allows brands to re-target based on engagement with a Pin (i.e. save, re-pin, etc.)
    • Website tagging enables brands to track what products their potential consumers are interacting with on their website. Businesses can then use this data to target consumers based on those products.
    • “Actalike” audiences, formerly called “Lookalike” audiences, will now be the targeting of people who have similar “save” and purchase behaviors.
  • What it means for brands: Each of the new capabilities allows brands to target more successfully based on specific behaviors and engagements. Engagement targeting means only increasing the already-impressive purchase rate 30 days after a Pin is saved. The updated website tag means tracking numerous engagements/events: page visits, category views, website search, add to cart, checkout, watch video, signup, lead and even custom events. “Actalike” audiences allow for similar, potential consumers to be grouped together and targeted more successfully. It’s a whole new beginning for targeting power, and the brands can only reap the benefits of purchases to come.

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Snapchat Ad Sales to Reach $935 Million Next Year

  • Snapchat’s projected 2016 ad revenue is up 519% from 2015 and expected to grow to over $1B in 2018, according to a new eMarketer report. With more and more advertisers utilizing its unique ad offerings, including sponsored animated lenses and SnapAds on its Discover channel between top content like BuzzFeed and the NFL, eMarketer predicts that vertical video ads between user stories will become the top source of the company’s revenue by next year. Snapchat has also been focused on improving its measurement and targeting capabilities in order to compete alongside Facebook and Twitter.
  • What it means for brands: Brands are hopping on board with Snapchat’s growing advertising offering. With ad revenue growth through the roof and critical improvements in the works, Snapchat is a unique option for targeting Millennials and Generation Z with creative content from lenses to geofilters. Brands should keep considering Snapchat as an advertising platform (and don’t need an account to do so); but all other social networks, watch out for this powerhouse!

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LinkedIn Revamps Desktop Publishing Experience, Adds Other New Features

  • LinkedIn is on the fast train to efficiency with a few new features: save articles for later, content search and improved desktop publishing. Love to read…but not right now? The new save articles for later allows interesting reads to be put on hold with just a tap of a “save” icon. Users can find more of what they want to see on LinkedIn with the new capability to search keywords and click on hashtags. Create content with ease via the new desktop publishing enhancements: full-width display, various multimedia options and (of course) hashtags.
  • What it means for brands: Brands can now add hashtags and optimized videos, images, slides and podcasts to their content. This means discoverability potential is at an all-time high, and brands need to get on it ASAP to reach more consumers. Better yet, brands can produce even stronger content thanks to the new desktop publishing enhancements. Brands need to take advantage of every single one of these new features, because, why not?

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