With social media constantly updating, it can be difficult to keep up! Not to worry, we’ve got all the updates for you on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. Twitter is following in Facebook’s footsteps by implementing a new ad policy for transparency on political ads. Snapchat has introduced their new Spectacles, which are more stylish, but lack any new capabilities. Facebook has released a new report about video optimizations for users, and Instagram may have a stand-alone shopping app in the works. Check out what’s new in the social sphere below!

Twitter Announces New Policy for Politically-Motivated Groups

  • Twitter will begin labeling in-stream ads from political candidates and those which “advocate for legislative issues of national importance” in order to provide more transparency for users. The tweets will be marked with text reading “(issue)” right next to the “promoted” indication. Topics such as civil rights, climate change, healthcare and taxes are all considered top-level issues that Twitter is considering under this policy. Advertisers who are planning to run ads under these issue categories will need to take a certification process to verify their identity and information. The enforcement of this policy will begin on September 30th.
  • What this means for brands: With healthcare being one of the “issues” identified by Twitter, healthcare brands will need to be more conscious of their content as it relates to the political landscape. With the new indication of “issue” on healthcare brand ads, this could deter users from engaging or clicking on the ad, so brands will also need to be aware of how to present their information in a unique and broad fashion. Twitter has also created the Ad Transparency Center that will enable users to see all the ads being run by any Twitter profile at a given times similarly to Facebook. With all platforms becoming more sensitive towards political content, it is important for brands to complete the right certifications and triple-check their content before pushing live.

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Snapchat Launches Stylish Spectacles

  • Snapchat has announced two new versions of their Spectacles, both designs coming in black-on-black with polarized lenses. While these new glasses come with increased battery life, the technical elements remain the same as the previous models. Though there wasn’t much hype surrounding the first version of Spectacles, v2 owners are capturing 40% more snaps than users with the first version.
  • What this means for brands: Though Snapchat Spectacles have not been the hottest way to capture content, it still shows that users will do whatever it takes to take a photo or video in real-time. Brands need to be more in tune with real-time posting and sharing, as that is what users, especially millennial users, are looking for. These glasses could be the start to a fully immersive AR device, so brands will need to be aware of what’s to come from the social platforms.

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Facebook Publishes New Report on Video Ad Performance

  • Research shows that videos are the Facebook format and creative most likely to reach and engage audiences. With the expansion of Facebook Watch to all regions, Facebook published a new report that highlights video performance among various age groups in order to help businesses optimize their video content. Different behaviors mentioned in the report include: user watch time, user age and video creative.
  • What this means for brands: Brands are continuing to utilize video ads to reach their audiences, as they’ve historically been shown to perform the best. With Facebook’s new Watch tool, longer form videos are stored for users to view whenever they want, instead of getting lost in the News Feed. New Facebook data shows that viewers are watching videos 5x longer within the Watch view than they are in the News Feed, so it is worth considering uploading videos to Facebook Watch so users are able to view them later on and in full length.

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Instagram To Create a Stand-Alone Shopping Application

  • Instagram has been talking about creating a stand-alone online shopping app titled IG Shopping, where users would be able to shop from stores they follow and purchase them directly within the app. Currently only select brands are able to utilize the Instagram story feature to link out to the product they are promoting. With the introduction of a new shopping app, brands would be able to promote an increased number of products for users. Instagram has been slowly rolling out their Shopping Tags to more brands and have also helped brands to integrate Shopify into their accounts.
  • What this means for brands: This proves that more and more customers are looking to social media for a one-stop social and shopping experience, especially younger generations. If this app does come to fruition, brands will have to rethink their Instagram strategy and be thoughtful about how they’re promoting their products on their Instagram to hopefully get users to their IG Shopping page to convert.

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