There have been some big updates to hit the social sphere over the last week. Facebook is planning to increase click-through-rates and conversions via its magazine-esque shoppable ads. Also, you may have missed it, but Instagram’s new full-screen story ad is making its debut. LinkedIn’s newest Audience Network Update may impact your targeting & Twitter is making changes to their admin capabilities by making it easier for multiple people to work on the same account…from a mobile phone! See below for updates & let us know your thoughts!

Facebook Updates its Shoppable Ads & Custom Audiences

  • Facebook is updating the shoppable collection ad format that was rolled out this past March. Shoppable collection ads drive product discovery and sales through a series of product images or videos, mimicking a catalog. The new update includes mobile-only, full-screen ads called “lifestyle templates.” With lifestyle templates, brands have more flexibility to include more robust information for consumers such as maps to brick and mortar stores or multiple product images and descriptions. These are being called a “digitalized magazine ad,” aimed to allow advertisers to bring their print creations to mobile. Additionally, Facebook will begin sharing metrics for brands on where their ads appeared via post-campaign placement reports. This is to ensure that brands are aware of what kind of third-party apps and websites their content is being displayed on through Facebook’s audience network. Lastly, Facebook has updated their engagement custom audience capabilities for brands. These updates include creating a custom audience for people who previously engaged with full-page canvas ad, as well as people who have engaged with the Instagram account linked to a brand’s business manager.
  • What it means for brands: A larger template for ads is highly beneficial for brands, as this means that they are paying the same price for more newsfeed real estate. Additionally, brands have the option to become more creative with their ads and display the product on a larger scale to drive users to the website. Providing brands with reports entailing ad placements after a campaign ends gives brands an idea of what kind of third-party sites that their content is appearing on.

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Instagram Brings Full-Screen Canvas Ads to its Platform

  • Instagram’s latest update is here – canvas ads for Instagram stories. Although Instagram story ad placements have been available to brands, implementing canvas ads into stories will create a new, full-screen ad experience for users. Also, brands can save organic story content for ad campaigns through Power Editor and Ads Manager. This will allow brands to create evergreen content on IG that can then be set up as an ad on Facebook. Lastly, to increase the reach of stories, Instagram has implemented a feature that will allow users to direct message someone else’s story to a friend. If brands/users wish to have this feature turned off for privacy reasons, that option is available as well.
  • What it means for brands: Canvas ads create a unique, full-page experience for consumers. With the canvas ad option, brands can create more robust, detailed story ads to further engage with consumers. Allowing brands to save story content to use at a later date in a Facebook ad could be highly beneficial for brands, as Instagram stories are candid and entertaining and more video content to leverage means more engagement across content. The new feature, which enables direct messaging an Instagram story from user to user, could exponentially increase the already 250 million users viewing stories daily.

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Twitter Introduces Account Sharing in Mobile App

  • Twitter has set up a new feature that will enable multiple admins to manage a brand’s Twitter account at one time, on-the-go, without sharing login information. The new account sharing feature that is being made available to mobile lets multiple employees and partner agencies to tweet, retweet, direct message, schedule tweets, and create lists all from a mobile phone. Previously, the only way brands have been able to do this for Twitter is through the tool Tweetdeck, which is only available on desktop. It looks like Twitter is one step close to on the go monitoring and management.
  • What it means for brands: 24/7, on-the-go access by multiple people at once means brands can be more timely and present than ever. If relevant content is posted at 11:00pm on a Saturday, an employee or partner agency can easily login to the Twitter account sharing app on their phone and do a quick retweet or post of their own, without having to worry about accessing their computer. Moreover, multiple people can be working on the same brand’s account at once on their mobile phone. For instance, it multiple people need to do community management on a page, they no longer have to login with their credentials via desktop: they can now do it right on their phone, via the Twitter app. Set this up for your brand It could get tricky though with so many admins working from the same platform, so make sure to assign roles upfront!

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LinkedIn Introduces New Audience Network

  • LinkedIn has launched a new audience network that allows brands to target content to users on third-party websites and apps. The way it works is simple: LinkedIn can place targeted ads into the News Feeds of those who have recently logged into their LinkedIn profile on other websites and apps that they visit. Brands can also control the types of third-party websites and apps that their ads appear on to ensure brand safety.
  • What it means for brands: LinkedIn campaigns can now perform at a much higher reach by giving brands the option to have ads appear on other websites and apps. By increasing the potential reach of campaigns, brands can feel rest assured that their paid social spend is being used efficiently and reaching a vast audience.

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