W2O Social Scoop: 10.08.19

The latest social updates? Facebook rolled out new video publishing tools, Instagram and IGTV posts can now be scheduled in advance, and Twitter users in certain countries can hide unwanted replies.

Facebook Rolls out New Video Publishing Tools

  • Facebook announced a variety of new video features and tools for Facebook Live, Watch Party and Creator Studio. While using Facebook Live, business users can now access rehearsals, “Trimming” capabilities for Live broadcast replays, extended maximum duration of eight hours, and simulcasting through the Live API. Watch Party allows users to watch videos as a group. New Watch Party features include scheduling, replay functionality, expanded viewership metrics, and the ability to tag business partners in branded content. Facebook also made updates to the Creator Studio, putting in place a new visualization to “Loyalty Insights” to display to admins what video content is driving returning viewers. Further, it added a Distribution metric, which scores video content based on a Page’s historical video performance, offering multiple metrics, such as 1 Minute Views, Average Minutes Watched and Retention. Creator Studio has also added 13 new languages to support its auto-captioning feature.
  • What this means for brands: Each new feature will uniquely help brands succeed. The utilization of Facebook Live rehearsals will help brands create stronger live content. The new Watch Party capabilities will allow brands to increase viewership and leverage increased monetization opportunities via the new branded content updates. As video continues to drive strong engagement, these tools will help brands maximize the quality, visibility and performance of their content.

Additional Resources: Social Media Today, DigitalStudio ME, TechCrunch

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Instagram Posts and IGTV Scheduling Supported through Facebook’s Creator Studio

  • Facebook announced that business users can now schedule Instagram posts and IGTVs through Creator Studio. While this feature is not new, it removes the need for third-party scheduling platforms and eliminates some of the previous scheduling limitations. Admins are now able to schedule content up to six months in advance and include multiple images in a post. Earlier updates enable users to add locations, tags, and crop images. To fully utilize this functionality, users are required to have an Instagram business account linked to a Facebook page.
  • What this means for brands: The scheduling feature appears to have been created specifically with brands in mind. Allowing content to be scheduled well in advance, including editing capabilities, will provide efficiency around publishing, particularly for brands that post a high volume of content. Content scheduling will also allow for stronger quality assurance as brands will be able to prepare further in advance.

Additional Resources: Tech Crunch, The Verge, Social Media Today, Social Media Today

(via Social Media Today)

Twitter Enables Users in the U.S., Canada and Japan to Hide Replies

  • As an expansion of a test of Canadian users earlier this year, Twitter has officially enabled users in the U.S., Canada and Japan to “hide” replies to their tweets. This feature allows authors to hide negative, slanderous, irrelevant or inappropriate responses to their tweets by selecting “hide replies” in a tweet’s drop-down menu. Once the replies are hidden, they are not deleted but are not visible on a post unless users elect to view them.
  • What this means for brands: Prior to this change, Twitter users only had the capability to mute, block or report users as a way to manage certain responses to tweets. With this change, brands can hide unwanted comments at their discretion with the goal of ensuring that conversations remain civil, on-topic and within community guidelines. Given that hidden replies will still be viewable, brands should use this feature sparingly in order to support an open and transparent conversation within their feeds — and not invite additional negative responses.

Additional Resources: Social Media Today, Newsweek, Tech Crunch

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