Big additions to social media are upon us! In a nutshell, here’s what’s going on…

  • Snapchat rolled out Context Cards, which enable users to gain information about any business by clicking on their location geotag
  • Twitter created a prototype feature where users can save tweets for a later time
  • Linkedin rolled out sponsored video ads, allowing brands to promote videos in addition to image based posts
  • Facebook updated Workplace to include screen sharing between users

Check out these stories in more detail below and let us know your thoughts!

Snapchat Adds Context Cards, a Significant Shift for the App

  • Snapchat is no longer a passive experience. They have rolled out Context Cards, a new way to get all-inclusive information about the Snap that is being viewed. The Context Cards are connected to a company’s location geo-filter, or on any snap that’s been submitted to the public “Our Story” feed. When users click on the filter, they’ll have access to detailed specifics about that venue, really anything from the location, to ordering a cab to the destination, and this all can be done from within the app. Snapchat has partnered with various organizations such as TripAdvisor and Foursquare to roll out this new feature.
  • What it means for brands: Snapchat wants to be your one-stop-shop. This opens a whole new world, mostly for user convenience, but beneficial to brands as well. When users click on the filter, they’re staying within Snapchat and it gives more opportunity for advertisers to reach greater audiences when users remain on the platform. Offline, brands can also gain traction and traffic, even those that are not advertising, if they’re partnered with Snapchat for this functionality. This also will create an increased demand for influencer marketing. If a celebrity is at a location nearby and is snapping about it, the user will be able to know where they are in an instant and order an Uber/Lyft and be there in no time. We’re sure this will also turn into an advertising opportunity at some point…so stay tuned.

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Twitter Is Adding a New “Bookmarks” Feature to Help Keep Track of Tweets

  • Twitter has created a new feature in which users will be able to keep save tweets and come back to them later, without having to “like” or “retweet’ them. Twitter is still in the process of developing the feature, but they have created a prototype. It can be confusing to tell when a user “likes” a tweet whether they approve of the tweet or if they are just saving the tweet for later. This update is meant to rectify this, and will mostly impact highly active Twitter users who want to go back and reference their conversations/tweets for later.
  • What it means for brands: With the addition of a save feature, tracking for businesses’ tweets may be affected. Without a physical “like” or “retweet,” how will businesses know who is actively engaging with their content? Users may save the tweet for later, but who knows if those users are going to further engage with their content. Twitter says the prototype for this feature still has a long way to go before total activation on the Twitter interface.

(via Business Insider)

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Video Ads Are Finally Coming to Linkedin

  • Linkedin announced that is running a closed video beta test for sponsored content with “a limited number of advertisers.” These new video ads will debut on mobile first, with desktop added in the near future. Linkedin said that these videos will appear as stand-alone posts and will include a “promoted” label. Promoted video ads will offer the same targeting options as other Linkedin paid posts. Linkedin said more video view specific metrics will be added in the near future to accompany this new video feature.
  • What it means for brands: Brands are now able to promote videos on Linkedin, as opposed to just uploading organic videos. With this new promoted option, brands can share notable videos with a larger audience set forth in their targeting parameters. This is really changing the game for LinkedIn, moving them away from being so conservative and more so keeping up with the ever-changing social media landscape. Rather than just looking for jobs or uploading a resume, Linkedin is a place to share professional experiences or company values through paid resources, and we all know video content is key for reach and engagement. We’re interested to see how these videos will be measured, but net net, this will be great for leadership and innovative purposes, where blog posts can become vlogs and events can be showcased live. We’ll see!

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LinkedIn Reveals Geo-filters for Events

  • Along with rolling out video ads, Linkedin has taken a nod from Snapchat and has now created geo-filters for events that allow attendees to add Snapchat- style filters to videos they create within the Linkedin app. These location filters are part of the service’s new in-app video creation feature, allowing users to record and share directly from the app. They’re very similar to Snapchat and Instagram filters in the sense that users at specific events where the future is enabled will have the option of adding a filter to videos they create. Right now, the platform has only tested these conference style filters at a handful of events, but will soon be unveiling additional filters.
  • What this means for brands: Linkedin continues to roll out new features to further themselves as a social platform, rather than just a platform for job searching. With this addition, brands will be able to increase awareness around an event or a conference in a more professional than on Snapchat or Instagram. Not only does having these filters increase engagement for events, but it also can start to make Linkedin the platform of choice for posting updates around conferences, speeches, and other professional development content.

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Facebook Quietly Launches Mac and PC Workplace Chat Apps with Screen Share

  • Facebook’s business communications application, Workplace, launched official desktop screen sharing apps. Users of Workplace are thrilled that the app now has this capability and are hoping that soon it will be an option for the consumer Messenger app. Facebook spokesperson Vanessa Chan confirmed the launch of this feature saying, “This was one of the most widely requested features by customers… so we built it.” The desktop app is still in beta, but will soon be available for all those using Workplace.
  • What this means for brands: Facebook continues to dominate the realm of technology. Workplace competes with various business messenger applications such as Slack and Skype and adding this screen share feature just made them more prevalent in the business communications sphere. You never have to leave Facebook, for professional or personal usage!

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