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Wondering about the latest in the Snapchat vs Instagram war, what new updates are coming from Facebook, or what platform will maximize your advertising dollars during the holidays? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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Workplace by Facebook Opens to Sell Enterprise Social Networking

  • Is being on Facebook at work now acceptable? After using a similar interface internally for years, Facebook released a beta version of its new workplace communications service at a recent event in London. Previously named “Facebook at Work,” Workplace starts at $3 per user each month and has been implemented by over 1,000 invited companies. Not-for-profits and educational organizations will have access for free. The service has its own separate and branded desktop and mobile apps that target both traditional and non-traditional office settings.
  • What it means for brands: We know social media giants are edging their way into new realms, but time will tell how many companies choose to adopt Facebook as their go-to internal communications method. As for the future of social media, this is just the start of the top players wanting to becoming one-stop-shops for all things social and beyond. Will Facebook run the world? Time will tell.

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Facebook Opens Doors to Marketplace

  • Per the post above…. if it seems like Facebook is taking over the world… you’re probably onto something. Facebook recently introduced one of its newest projects, Marketplace. In a bid to compete with craigslist and eBay, Marketplace uses location settings to present users with items for sale in their area. From a seller’s perspective, it’s as easy as taking or uploading a photo of your product, naming and pricing your item, and confirming the pick-up location and product category. You can even post to buy-and-sell groups simultaneously. As a buyer, you can search for items and message sellers prior to making an offer.
  • What it means for brands: For the time being, this doesn’t mean too much to [large] brands. Both unpaid and paid social brand advertising are blocked on Marketplace, so pay-to-play is not yet a factor, and brands don’t have access from their page to buy and sell. Marketplace’s product manager did hint that business features may be added to the app in the future so brands should be on the lookout for updates about this and more (especially those in retail).

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Snapchat Launches Post-Roll Ads & Story Playlist

  • We’ve been anxiously awaiting Snapchat’s next move as the company plans to IPO as early as March. In an effort to push back against their largest competition, Facebook owned Instagram, Snapchat released Story Playlist, which makes it easy to consume content the way many users already do on the platform. Story Playlist enables users to click on stories they’d like to view and add them to a “playlist” which then plays all the selected stories consecutively, skipping over stories the user did not choose to view. In a move to boost revenue streams with this change in mind, Snapchat Snap Ads will now play in between stories within the playlist. Snapchat also released post-roll ads for single-play snapchat views. Of note, this update will also enable changes to the to the Discover pages. Discover stories will now appear beneath updates from friends, with their own page remaining to the right of the Stories feed.
  • What it means for brands: Brands, pay attention: Snapchat’s Discover channel just got demoted to the bottom of the feed. Time will tell how Discover stories function in their new location, but we can expect to see less ad spend toward Discover and more toward other options on the platform. With the app pushing user-generated content first, these new post-roll ads and advertising between playlist stories are definitely more appealing.

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Pinterest: A Top Pick for the Holidays

  • Often overlooked by social marketers, Pinterest proves to be one social platform that has achieved substantially more success when it comes to in-app purchase completion. Millward Brown Digital reported 93% of Pinterest consumers use the platform to plan for a purchase, and as many as 87% make a purchase after viewing items on Pinterest. The platform has a variety of targeting features, including retargeting, and is testing their “buyable” pins that allow users to purchase directly via the pin, with one click. Pinterest enlisted Millward Brown Digital to enhance its targeting and metrics reporting capabilities, which now include brand awareness, favorability, and purchase intent. Brands can now create audiences that target based on clicks, comments, saves, “closeups,” and likes.
  • What it means for brands: With the holidays upon us, those numbers are immense. With 1.1 billion holiday pins saved last year and seamlessly integrated promoted “buyable” pins, Pinterest should be on your brand’s list for paid and organic social media advertising this year. With improved targeting and reporting capabilities, the platform makes a great addition to brands’ social advertising mix for the year.

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Twitter Introduces New Conversion Tracking Capabilities

  • Twitter released a beta for an enhanced conversion tracking tool that separates the previously combined website clicks and website conversions tracking. The company also gave its “website clicks or conversions” campaigns a new name: “website visits.” Using data from Twitter’s website tags and interest and intent signals, the platform will optimize to boost conversions and lower costs.
  • What it means for brands: These changes will allow brands to either continue using Twitter the way they were previously, by tracking website visits, or leverage the new website conversion capabilities. By using these new features, brands will have a more seamless experience in website conversion tracking. To use this new feature, brands must enable Twitter’s website tag and set key conversion events with set cost per conversion goals.

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  • Instagram has more than doubled its number of advertisers in the last six months as it tops 500,000 advertisers. The company announced its seen around 1 billion actions taken on Instagram ads since it released its API last September. The top five countries of adoption are the US, Brazil, the UK, Australia, and Canada, with the top five verticals being consumer packaged goods, ecommerce, retail, entertainment, and technology. Per Instagram, 50% of Instagram users follow business accounts and 75% of users reportedly take actions inspired by an Instagram post.
  • What it means for brands: More and more brands are opting for Instagram ads. The ability to advertise on the platform with just a Facebook page and not an Instagram profile, and the seamless integration of Facebook and Instagram ad creation in Facebook’s Power Editor are huge perks for social media advertisers. With 1 billion actions on Instagram ads, brands should seriously consider adding Instagram to their mix.

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