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Want to stay up-to-date with the latest in social media? Well, we’ve got the latest social scoop for you and it’s focused on the king of social media creative, the almighty video. Utilizing video has never been easier for brands with updates from Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest.


Instagram Appears to Be Testing Live Video

  • Instagram has plans to go live with its “stories” feature introduced this past summer. Facebook is investing a lot of time and money in both live immersion and virtual reality as of late so it’s no surprise this update is fast-approaching.
  • What it means for brands: Here’s what we know – Facebook is a powerhouse and (live) video content is everything these days. Brands should pay close attention to their Instagram (and Facebook) strategies, especially on how to incorporate live video into their campaigns. Live video is set to compete with TV ads and there’s a new connection to be made with livestreaming-savvy audience.

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Facebook Announces Scheduled Live Broadcasts Update

  • Facebook is expanding Facebook Live with a new superpower. Verified pages can now schedule live broadcasts within Facebook’s publishing tool which means both marketers and consumers can plan for a broadcast. Brands can schedule a broadcast one week in advance, and followers can join the broadcast three minutes prior. Once a live video is scheduled, followers will receive a notification. They can then opt in for a reminder right before air time if they enable that notification.
  • What it means for brands: Brands can now build anticipation before curtain call. They can promote a broadcast throughout an entire week and gauge success based on established audience size prior to the broadcast. This is also great for specific industries with stricter permissions, such as healthcare, that can schedule live broadcasts in advance and provide insight into the audience prior to the broadcast.

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Snapchat’s Removal of Autoplay

  • Since Snapchat removed autoplay, snap views decreased by an average of 15 percent, which is a huge deal for influencers and brands alike. However, while less users are viewing snaps, viewer engagement is still the same. That’s now the challenge for the selfie-driving platform – encouraging brands to optimize content.
  • What it means for brands: Brands now have the challenge of driving Snapchat users to their pages or profiles. Autoplay was never great for marketers anyway, because with pop-up ads and the ability to skip through a snap, who knew if users were paying attention to their content? At the point, marketers should focus on building engaging campaigns that provide interest to their audiences so that they’ll voluntarily opt into a snap, as well at utilizing other tools on the app like geo-filters and video filters.

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Pinterest Adds New Promoted Pins

  • Now users can one-tap, video tap and app tap thanks to the newly-introduced promoted Pinterest One-tap pins direct users straight to a corresponding website, instead of loading the pin page itself. Video pins can be viewed right on Pinterest without clicking off to another site. Users can head straight to an app store via promoted app pins, and download right away.
  • What it means for brands: These promoted pins can be used for awareness, engagement and traffic The new promoted pins are fast, direct and user-preferred, and Pinterest anticipates positive results on performance. Brands should always be thinking about how new tools and capabilities fit into their social strategies, and while it appears that Pinterest has been making multiple recent updates to their Promoted pins tool, each one enhances the other and brands need to keep up.

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