Since the genesis of social media, personalization and connection have been an expectation for interacting with people and brands online. This week’s Social Scoop looks at how Instagram hopes to improve connections with others by removing likes, Facebook wants to help you find a doctor, and Twitter looks to further personalize your experience. We also share industry news and potential new Twitter features in 2020.

Instagram Dislikes Likes

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced that the platform will continue to test hiding total like counts, rolling out the update to select users in the U.S. this month. The social giant launched this test earlier this summer in several countries including Canada, Australia and Japan. Mosseri said he hopes removing likes will help “depressurize Instagram, make it less of a competition, [and] give people more space to focus on connecting with people that they love, things that inspire them.”

What this means for brands: Although Instagram has yet to provide information on how use of the platform will change without likes, it’s likely this change will affect influencers the most, who may change their content strategy to be more creative and diversify from content that usually receives the most likes. Brands and individual users will still be able to see their like counts in the backend and continue reporting as usual.

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Facebook’s Preventive Health Tool

Facebook launched a preventive health tool in the U.S. to connect people to health resources, including a locater to find affordable places to receive care, checkup reminders and a checklist for scheduling tests. The tool will prompt users based on their age and gender. It will not store any information about a user’s results. The recommendations available in the preventive health tool are based on standards from the American Cancer Society, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and others.

What this means for brands: This tool brings healthcare front and center on this social media platform and provides an opportunity to increase disease awareness, although there is no opportunity to advertise.

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Twitter Topics to Improve Tweet Discovery

As of November 13, Twitter is rolling out a new feature, Twitter Topics, that allows users the option to follow subjects to further tailor their timeline to their interests. Users can opt in to topics they are interested in, and Twitter will suggest topics based on what the user likes and shares. Initially, Twitter has created a list of 300 general interest subjects including gaming, sports and entertainment.

What this means for brands: Brands can align their content to Twitter topics to expand reach beyond those who follow their page.

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Federal Trade Commission Issues Disclosure 101 for Social Influencers

The FTC released new disclosure guidelines for social media influencers on how and when they must disclose sponsorship to followers. The guide offers resources around the legal responsibility of influencers to disclose compensation, as well as perks, to provide transparency for consumers. For example, while influencers are not required to use hashtags in their post, the copy must say “ad” or “sponsored.” To learn more, check out W2O’s full blog on the news here.

What this means for brands: Although this guide was created for influencers, brands should stay informed about this topic to remain compliant when working with influencers.

(via FTC)

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Potential New Twitter Features in 2020?

Twitter’s VP of Design and Research Dantley Davis recently tweeted a list of five new features that he’s looking forward to in 2020, including expanded community management tools and features that will increase the moderation ability users have in conversations. These new features have not yet been confirmed by Twitter, but it’s likely they will be rolled out next year in some capacity.

What this means for brands: The potential update to Twitter’s community management offering will allow brands to establish a clearer moderation among people violating community guidelines and further control their online presence.

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