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Want to stay up-to-date with the latest in social media? Well, we’ve got the latest social scoop for you and lets just say, we’re psyched about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and some (Pop)sugar news.


What Marketers Should Know About Instagram’s Shoppable Photo Tags

  • Instagram is making mobile shopping even more of a breeze. With the ‘gram’s new ability to tag products, users can know the brand and price of any product. Through the nifty purchase link, consumers are lead to a product page. Some may say this is similar to another platform’s shopping path (Pinterest, cough, cough) but Instagram just gave its app another use, bam. This feature is not only native to users, but it also doesn’t require another app install.
  • What it means for brands: While this new tool is applicable to all users, and most significantly brands, it presents the greatest opportunity for retail brands. Taggable products need to be used properly. Less clutter on the display is better for purchase conversions. Brands should focus on products in high-demand and tell a story with these products and the images posted. Using the taggable products feature correctly means increasing consumer engagement and may lead to more (impulsive) possible product purchase.

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Twitter Adds Conversation Ranking, Direct Reply Count to Mobile Apps

  • Twitter popularity status is now enhanced on mobile. The Direct Reply Count feature, first available on desktop, is now live on mobile and it’s quite neat. Users can see the total number of replies on their original Tweet. These replies may not display in chronological order because a sub-conversation grouping takes place. Replies are ranked by Tweet author replies and other similar factors to showcase the best content. Kudos to Twitter for making it easier to track replies, especially the relevant ones.
  • What it means for brands: It’s now even easier for brands to keep track of what replies are most important on their content thanks to mobile. Because most users consume Tweets via mobile, their replies and interactions are almost instant. Brands are now better able to keep up with the relevant rapid retweets and replies, and they’re also better able to filter out not-so-great interactions. Keep up with the speed of your followers, brands.

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Facebook is Testing Real-Time Ads for Live Videos

  • Live video is spreading fast so it’s no wonder Facebook is ad-ding on to it. Users will now be notified via a sponsored post once a broadcast is beginning or if it just ended. Catching users’ attention in the newsfeed is the central purpose of these posts. Viewers can then interact with the brand in real time.
  • What it means for brands: Brands have yet another way to capture the attention of consumers via live video. Users who follow specific brands may receive notifications when a brand “goes live.” Brands need to take advantage of the potential audience reach and scale made possible by these sponsored posts. Overall, visibility will reach an all-time high, and it’s up to brands to deliver content that drives broadcast views and interactions.

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Facebook Developing Artificial Intelligence to Flag Offensive Live Videos

  • Nudity, violence and other offensive content will no longer be seen on Facebook Live…just give Facebook a second. The “book” is getting sneaky, using artificial intelligence to monitor content. Facebook will no longer rely on users to report offensive posts, or in this case, live videos. While this new algorithm is still in the works, Facebook’s automation that sorts through offensive content reports is still going strong. Not to worry.
  • What it means for brands: Brands are constantly monitoring and responding to negative feedback and they may even have to flag and delete unnecessary, user-generated content. Well, brands will be able to sit back and relax a little bit more now that Facebook Live will be covered, too. While it’s crucial to keep eyes peeled for naysayers, this artificial intelligence will make it easier for brands to connect what content matters to them to potential consumers.

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In other (cool, social-savvy) news…

  • Want to know what’s trending? On every platform? In one place? Introducing the nifty, new TrendRank tool from Popsugar. TrendRank can basically tell the social trend future to brands as well as who is talking about them or sharing their content. Determination of trends is derived from “over 12 million data points every day,” sorted trend topics and engagements.
  • What it means for brands: What better tool to use to plan future content than going along with the trending topics on TrendRank? Brands have the utmost advantage with this tool. Depending on the topic itself, topic audience and any articles shared, brands can tailor their targeting and content to those audiences. Sidenote: this tool also saves brands’ backs if something has too much attention. Don’t follow behind a trend.

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