Happy Holidays! We’re reporting on the latest social media news on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Facebook is testing out a new search placement for advertisers to show up in searches on Facebook. YouTube has enabled autoplay videos on the homepage that will most likely see an increase in views overall. Lastly, Instagram has created a “close friends list” so users can share Instagram stories with specific people rather than their whole follower list. Learn more below about these updates!

Facebook Adding Search as an Ad Placement Option

  • Facebook is running a small test of ads in search results that will be a new placement in Ads manager. The new search ads will provide another way for brands to reach interested Facebook users based on their platform activity. In this stage of testing, advertisers won’t be able to select specific keywords to advertise against, but they’ll be allowed to appear in search results for queries such as auto or retail topics. Search ads will have a “Sponsored” tag denoting them as ads within the search results.
  • What this means for brands: With the new search ad placement, brands will have another opportunity to promote their page or products to relevant audiences on Facebook, further optimizing their results for success. This placement can be especially important when brands are looking to stand out in a broad search on Facebook, as they’ll be able to be at the top of a broader search with their company’s page. For healthcare brands, this placement will be helpful when working with a rare disease that has less keyword options, as it will offer another opportunity for their pages to be found as users search for them.

Additional resources: TechCrunch

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YouTube Adds Autoplay Videos to the Home Page

  • YouTube has announced that videos the home tab of its mobile device app will now autoplay, muted, with captions. Users will be able to control how the autoplay functionality works, including having the option to disable it completely, or to keep it on only when connected to Wi-Fi. YouTube will delay the videos autoplay feature momentarily to allow viewers to clearly see the thumbnail of the video because beginning to play. YouTube also released a video explaining the logic behind the change, including the benefits of activating videos as users scroll.
  • What this means for brands: Having videos on autoplay will likely increase video view metrics for brands, similarly to the increase in videos views that brands saw following Facebook’s update to autoplay. As healthcare brands make a shift in content away from still images to more informational video content, it continues to be of importance to make sure that video content is engaging within the first 3-seconds to prevent audiences from swiping to the next autoplay video.

Additional resources: Social Media Today, Tech Radar

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Instagram’s New Option to Share Stories with Chosen Friends

  • Instagram has created a new option that allows users to share their Instagram stories with a “close friends list.” This means, that users will be able to choose followers to see specific stories, encouraging users to post more frequently. This update means you don’t have to show your stories to all of your followers, just a select few. On Instagram, there has been an uptick in private messaging on the app, with reports showing that 85% of messages shared on the platform are distributed to the same 3 friends, showing the desire for more private and intimate sharing.
  • What this means for brands: This update could provide value to brands by giving them a way to share their posts with more targeted audiences based on their activity with the brand’s content. Once this tool is rolled out to business profiles, corporate healthcare brand pages can share Instagram stories specific to disease areas to a more targeted audience.

(via Social Media Today)

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