W2O’s Digital Analytics and Marketing Technology Weekly Roundup: 12.05.18

As a digital marketer responsible for planning, executing and optimizing campaigns you have a finite amount of “free” time. You are constantly trying to ensure that the objectives of your campaign are met, and you are delivering value to the business. Some days it probably feels like you have very little time to breathe, let alone think about the strategic direction of your organization.

So, when you see announcements or articles in the marketing trade press about news regarding digital analytics, marketing technology or advertising technology it’s likely impossible to keep up. Even more so because digital analytics and marketing technology are two of the fastest growing industries in marketing today. You probably would love to learn more about how these data and tools could be used to help further your business objectives, but there is simply no time.

That’s why our team of experts is releasing weekly recaps to keep you up to speed. Here’s what we’re watching this week.

  1. Instagram Attempts to Get Ahead of Inauthentic Activity: Instagram is releasing a new machine learning algorithm that hunts down accounts using third party services connected to inauthentic behavior. Inauthentic (fraudulent) behavior in the form of fake likes, shares, etc. is hardly unique to Instagram. However, Instagram’s simplified user experience has quickly gained popularity as other legacy social platform have gotten noisier. To preserve that experience, Instagram is not only releasing an algorithm to clean up behavior, but also publicizing it.
  2. Claritas Combines Segmentation with Attribution by Acquiring Barometric: Connecting the marketing funnel into a single platform has always been the desire for marketers. In today’s crowded tech landscape, vendors who used to specialize in one area of marketing are feeling more pressure to expand their offerings. So, it should be no surprise that segmentation and targeting vendor, Claritas, recently acquired attribution vendor, Barometric, to combine activation and measurement. With all deals like these, the synergy looks great on paper, but the devil is in the integration. We’ll be keeping a keen eye to see how Claritas progresses.
  3. Marketers Prioritize Integrations when Picking Platforms: Speaking of integrations, MarTech Today reported that marketers are consistently prioritizing integration with existing platforms when evaluating new vendors. This makes sense – what’s the value of a new vendor if they do not work with your existing technology? We see a lot of clients take this to mean that their options are limited to big cloud vendors, like Salesforce or Oracle, if they want an integrated stack. However, many smaller vendors have done a great job opening their platforms and connecting with others. At W2O we often help clients connect many different vendors to construct a full marketing stack.
  4. Ad ID Consortium Continue Momentum: As I’ve written about before, the Ad ID Consortium is on a mission to create better cross-platform identity resolution. This is especially important as cookie syncs become less and less effective. Getting all of these platforms to work together has not been easy; as a result, we’ve seen a number of public shakeups. However, the consortium just recently released news that a new proof of concept has been completed. Marketers will continue to stay optimistic as positive as news like this continues to slowly roll out. However, it seems the Ad ID Consortium is far from operational.

Those are the four pieces of news we are watching closely this week. Watch this space weekly as we’ll continue to keep you updated on digital analytics and marketing technology trends.

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Matt O'Rourke
Matt O'Rourke

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