As a digital marketer responsible for planning, executing and optimizing campaigns you have a finite amount of “free” time. You are constantly trying to ensure that the objectives of your campaign are met, and you are delivering value to the business. Some days it probably feels like you have very little time to breathe, let alone think about the strategic direction of your organization.

So, when you see announcements or articles in the marketing trade press about news regarding digital analytics, marketing technology or advertising technology it’s likely impossible to keep up. Even more so because digital analytics and marketing technology are two of the fastest growing industries in marketing today. You probably would love to learn more about how these data and tools could be used to help further your business objectives, but there is simply no time.

That’s why our team of experts is releasing weekly recaps to keep you up to speed. Here’s what we’re watching this week.

  1. Flashtalking and Neustar Partner on Attribution: True Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) is a key priority for almost every digital marketer today. For a number of reasons, including technical, planning and platform challenges, building an attribution model is hard to do. Add to that, the impending removal of Google IDs and measurement across digital channels becomes very difficult. At W2O, we’re constantly tweaking our MTA model to meet the needs of clients and stay in front of industry changes. To make MTA a little bit easier, Flashtalking and Neustar are partnering to track digital media and resolve identities across channels. Flashtalking and Neustar are heavyweights in the areas of tracking media and identity resolution respectively. So, this partnership has the potential to give marketers a much clearer view of their campaign performance.
  2. Marketo Integrates Intent Data from Bombora. Bombora has been leveraging partnerships for years to get the most precise intent data to find which consumers are close to the purchase point. These audiences can be extremely valuable to activate on and Marketo is taking steps to make that easier. By bringing intent data from Bombora into the Marketo platform, marketers will have more options for precise targeting.
  3. Facebook Refines Video Ad Metrics: Facebook video ad metrics have always been a little bit difficult to decipher. However, Facebook recently listened to advertisers to refine some of the metrics. Now, repeated video plays and videos that do not play at all will not be counted in the metrics, as well as a host of other changes. It’s also notable that Facebook announced Moat as a new third-party provider of video ad metrics. Moat will be free to define their own metrics from Facebook data which will likely provide marketers with a different point of view regarding campaign effectiveness.
  4. ComScore Takes on TV Measurement: At W2O we’re very excited about the state of the TV industry right now. There are many players, new and old, that are shaking things up in an effort to grab viewers valuable attention. However, this dynamic has created a fractured landscape between different TV channels (linear, desktop, mobile and OTT). That’s why ComScore has teamed up with several TV networks to track video across platforms. This type of cross-channel insight is exactly what TV is lacking right now so we’re encouraged by this step.

Those are the four pieces of news we are watching closely this week. Watch this space weekly as we’ll continue to keep you updated on digital analytics and marketing technology trends.

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