W2O’s Digital Analytics & Marketing Tech Weekly Roundup: 08.13.18

As a digital marketer responsible for planning, executing and optimizing campaigns you have a finite amount of “free” time. You are constantly trying to ensure that the objectives of your campaign are met, and you are delivering value to the business. Some days it probably feels like you have very little time to breathe, let alone think about the strategic direction of your organization.

So, when you see announcements or articles in the marketing trade press about news regarding digital analytics, marketing technology or advertising technology it’s likely impossible to keep up. Even more so because digital analytics and marketing technology are two of the fastest growing industries in marketing today. You probably would love to learn more about how these data and tools could be used to help further your business objectives, but there is simply no time.

That’s why our team of experts is releasing weekly recaps to keep you up to speed. Here’s what we’re watching this week.

  1. Acxiom Transitions to LiveRamp Without Missing a Step: Early in July, Acxiom announced it would be selling Acxiom Marketing Services (AMS) which ended the years long combination of Acxiom and LiveRamp. This week LiveRamp made clear how they would move forward as a standalone company. In addition to a new stock ticker (RAMP), LiveRamp announced they would be focusing on platform upgrades including investments in addressable TV.
  2. US News Sites Taking Conservative Stance on GDPR: Beyond Ad-Tech platforms themselves, news sites have probably been the most impacted US companies by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). News sites typically gather a lot of data on their users and expose it to many advertisers to allow for the most tailored ad experience possible. However, under GDPR this doesn’t fly without explicit consent from the user. In order to avoid legal ramifications, over 1,000 US news sites have denied access to EU users altogether. And while there has been plenty of friction in complying with GDPR, these news sites have still made clear it’s their intention to become compliant and open their content back up to EU users in the future.
  3. CDP AgilOne Starts to Deliver on the Promise Online/Offline Connection: At W2O, we’re believers in the power of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) as a mechanism for unifying data to deliver the best possible customer experience. That’s why we’re watching the attached announcement from AgilOne and Criteo so closely. With Criteo, advertisers can remarket users who do not complete a purchase online. Until now, those ads did not turn off when a user then completed their purchase in a physical store. With AgilOne, those offline transactions can now be tracked, and the retargeting ads can be turned off. This is a win both in terms of saving ad dollars as well as improving the customer experience. As CDPs mature, we expect many more beneficial partnerships like this one to materialize.
  4. Arm Purchases Treasure Data in Continued Industry CDP Acquisition Pattern: Continuing the topic of CDPs, there was a large acquisition of CDP Treasure Data. Arm, a leading IoT chip maker decided to purchase Treasure Data to complete their stack. This news may seem significant to only a small number of players, however, the fact that Arm saw a CDP so value they decided to acquire a company instead of license the technology speaks to how key they see the platform. We don’t disagree – whether it’s a CDP or some other data platform, our technology recommendations at W2O always start from the data level and build up.

Those are the four pieces of news we are watching closely this week. Watch this space weekly as we’ll continue to keep you updated on digital analytics and marketing technology trends.

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Matt O'Rourke
Matt O'Rourke

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