As a digital marketer responsible for planning, executing and optimizing campaigns you have a finite amount of “free” time. You are constantly trying to ensure that the objectives of your campaign are met, and you are delivering value to the business. Some days it probably feels like you have very little time to breathe, let alone think about the strategic direction of your organization.

So, when you see announcements or articles in the marketing trade press about news regarding digital analytics, marketing technology or advertising technology it’s likely impossible to keep up. Even more so because digital analytics and marketing technology are two of the fastest growing industries in marketing today. You probably would love to learn more about how these data and tools could be used to help further your business objectives, but there is simply no time.

That’s why our team of experts is releasing weekly recaps to keep you up to speed. Here’s what we’re watching this week.

  1. Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon Merge to Focus on AI: Two leaders in the social intelligence space, Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon, have merged both the existing Brandwatch name. There were no immediate announcements as to how either platform might change as a result of the merger. However, there were a couple hints that they will move to bolster AI investment and performance. It will be interesting to see how the roadmap fleshes out as these two influential vendors begin to integrate.
  2. Looker Adds a Bunch of Features for Better Access to 1st Party Data: Business intelligence tool, Looker, released a whole slew of new features at its annual conference last week. It seems the platform has listened to the needs of its customer’s and moved well beyond the ubiquitous ‘dashboard’ tool that so many marketers employee. Specifically, these new features allow marketers to better work with Google Analytics data, use cross-channel data to analyze audiences, and allow in-house developers to create custom applications. Having wide experience in creating performance views for our clients, we know that there is a never a one size fits all dashboard; everyone brand is unique, and Looker has allowed for each brand to have a more customized view.
  3. FBI Taking a Close Look at Ad Fraud with the help of ANA: This one isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds – but it may be helpful to many advertisers. The AdTech space grew quickly and organically leaving many alcoves for asymmetric information and thus somewhat shady practices. Recently, as advertisers have become more aware of fraudulent practice, some of this activity has been rooted out. After a 2016 ANA report, the FBI is now opening an investigation to examine the level of fraud. For advertisers, this means they’ll have a helping hand in tackling fraud. For agencies and AdTech companies, they’ll have an extra incentive to stay on the straight and narrow. Fraud will never completely be eradicated from AdTech, but the days of advertisers resigning a certain percentage of budget to fraud are hopefully in the past.

Those are the three pieces of news we are watching closely this week. Watch this space weekly as we’ll continue to keep you updated on digital analytics and marketing technology trends.

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