As a digital marketer responsible for planning, executing and optimizing campaigns you have a finite amount of “free” time. You are constantly trying to ensure that the objectives of your campaign are met, and you are delivering value to the business. Some days it probably feels like you have very little time to breathe, let alone think about the strategic direction of your organization.

So, when you see announcements or articles in the marketing trade press about news regarding digital analytics, marketing technology or advertising technology it’s likely impossible to keep up. Even more so because digital analytics and marketing technology are two of the fastest growing industries in marketing today. You probably would love to learn more about how these data and tools could be used to help further your business objectives, but there is simply no time.

That’s why our team of experts is releasing weekly recaps to keep you up to speed. Here’s what we’re watching this week.

  1. Zendesk Open Source CRM: Because Salesforce has become the dominate CRM player, many marketers gloss over other vendors that could meet their needs. Each CRM is set up to serve different types of customers. That’s why it’s surprising that Zendesk is taking on Salesforce right in their wheelhouse, the enterprise open source CRM platform. The biggest differentiator for Zendesk is their ability to connect their existing expertise in service with the sales side of an organization.
  2. SAP Acquires Qualtrics: Cloud software company, SAP has been just as aggressive in acquiring new software as a service (SaaS) vendors as it’s cloud behemoth peers. Last week SAP showed no signs of slowing down as they scooped up research and survey tool, Qualtrics. The biggest surprise was the massive price tag at $8bn in cash. This acquisition shows two things 1) cloud vendors are doubling down on growth through acquisition and we can expect more consolidation to come and 2) in a world with disappearing cookies and tightening data restrictions, insight into consumer behavior and preferences is become more valuable than ever.
  3. Screen6 Launches idSync and Ditches Cookies: Cross-device identity graph provider, Screen6, announced a new product it has named idSync. idSync is meant to identify users across multiple platforms, include over-the-top TV. This follows a strong trend in the industry to move away from cookie syncing and build identity-graphs that can track consenting users via other means. At W2O we are seeing these identity-graphs popping up all over the place. However, they are not all created equal so it’s important to do a thorough evaluation before choosing a vendor.

Those are the three pieces of news we are watching closely this week. Watch this space weekly as we’ll continue to keep you updated on digital analytics and marketing technology trends.

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