In the hyper-paced world of digital marketing and analytics, marketers are often hard pressed to keep up with the constantly changing news of the day. Between planning, executing and optimizing campaigns who has time to dig through the news to find relevant industry updates?

Seeing that this is an issue for most of our clients, we often cut through the noise and deliver updates on the most impactful trends in digital marketing and analytics. Now we’ve decided to open these insights up to everyone by publishing a weekly roundup of the most important news.

Here’s what our team of digital marketing and analytics experts are keeping track of this week.

  1. Digital Ad Spend Will Surpass Traditional in 2019: It was always a question of ‘when’ and not ‘if’ digital marketing spend would surpass tradition. Now, according to eMaketer’s latest forecast, 2019 will be the year that digital finally takes up a larger piece of the ad dollars pie. Probably the most interesting detail in the report is Amazon’s continued surge in gaining market share as advertisers continue to look for a way to diversify spend beyond Google and Facebook.
  2. LiveRamp Offers Identity Resolution Free to DSPs: This is a big one. LiveRamp is the leading data onboarder, helping brands match their target lists to the cookies and devices of the people they want to reach. Currently Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) license LiveRamp’s identity resolution capabilities. But reporting from AdWeek claims that LiveRamp will soon make this service free to all DSPs. This move would further increase the network effect for LiveRamp and draw more players into using the service for identity resolution across the digital marketing landscape.
  3. Connected TV is Taking Over Video Impressions: Extreme Reach released a report on video advertising and the conclusion was clear, Connect TV (CTV) is taking over! Over the course of 2018, CTV went from 15% of the video ad market to 44%. As the ability to target and tailor messages on CTV has increase, marketers have started to include it as part of their mix more frequently. Part of the reason is that the CTV space is less noisy relative to the digital environments of other video ad placements. We expect CTV to gain importance and eventually become a vital part of almost any marketing mix.
  4. UserTesting Tests Chatbots in Diagnosing Patients: At W2O, we often recommend chatbots to clients as a way to help deepen engagement with users as well as educate them. That’s why we were so curious about the results of a recent UserTesting study in which a chatbot was used to give patients a medical diagnosis. The results are a bit mixed but there are some fascinating findings in the study. For example, establishing brand credibility before making a diagnosis is key to getting past patient’s initial hesitations.

Those are the four pieces of news we are watching closely this week. Watch this space weekly as we’ll continue to keep you updated on digital marketing and analytics trends.