W2O’s Digital Marketing and Analytics Weekly Roundup: 08.29.19

In the hyper-paced world of digital marketing and analytics, marketers are often hard-pressed to keep up with the constantly changing news of the day. Between planning, executing and optimizing campaigns, who has time to dig through all the news to find relevant industry updates?

Recognizing that this is an issue for many of our clients, we cut through the noise and deliver updates on the most impactful trends in digital marketing and analytics. We’ve decided to open these insights up to everyone by publishing a weekly roundup of the most important news.

Here’s what our team of digital marketing and analytics experts is keeping track of this week.

  1. Amazon’s Ad Network Growth Has Created an Ecosystem of New Vendors

It’s not uncommon for the reach of new Amazon products to outpace their ability to provide a decent user experience. For example, in the early days of Amazon Web Services (AWS), setting up cloud infrastructure became so complicated that a cottage industry of vendors sprang up to help customers. That is now happening on the advertising side, where vendors, often staffed with former Amazon employees, are popping up to help advertisers navigate the sprawling Amazon advertising ecosystem.

Takeaway: As with many other Amazon products, user experience will eventually catch up, suggesting that these vendors may have an imminent end date. However, Amazon may follow in the path of Google, where many certified partners now handle the ancillary services that Google does not want to resource. It will be a little while before we see how Amazon evolves so an experienced vendor is a good idea for the time being.

  1. Podcasts Continue to Show Strength

It’s no secret that podcasts have seen a meteoric rise in popularity, and this new Adobe research confirms that the trend is continuing. More importantly, this research shows that podcast advertisements, more than many other channels, are breaking through to listeners. If you’re not thinking about podcasts in your media mix at this point, it’s worth a look.

Takeaway: Podcast advertising is not without its challenges. Coordinating with talent, finding inventory and keeping messaging consistent in a fractured market is extremely difficult. At W2O, we have the expertise to create podcasts for our clients, providing them with value while minimizing the headaches.

3. Nike Acquires Data Science Company Celect

Data science is the backbone of solid analytics and many other data-driven functions at any company. That’s why finding a good partner is so critical. In the case of Nike, it wasn’t enough to partner so they recently acquired data science company Celect.

Takeaway:  Because not every company has the resources to acquire an entire data science company, partnerships with agencies that specialize in this area is essential. At W2O, we are intensely focused on getting to know our client’s data before we apply any modeling or product builds. This allows us to act with the expertise of an internal team but with the resources of our 100+ analysts.

Watch this space weekly as we’ll continue to keep you updated on digital marketing and analytics trends.

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Matt O'Rourke
Matt O'Rourke

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