With health care spending pending accounting for 18% of America’s GDP, it’s no wonder that Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, IBM, GE and others are diving head first into the sector.

Simultaneously, traditional players such as payers, hospitals, health systems, PBMs, and others know change is coming and are quickly adding technology to compete.

Lastly, entrepreneurs understand that the health system is broken. Medical records are often still transmitted via fax (!), doctors can’t easily determine which drugs are covered on a patient’s insurance plan or what their out of pocket costs are, and terabytes of data remain trapped in silos. These entrepreneurs see a system in need of disruption and are seeking to become tomorrow’s leaders.

What’s one thing all three groups share? They know that efficient use of data and analytics are the key to success and are looking for marketing and communications partners who share their passion for using data and analytics to solve business problems and drive growth.

And we work with a lot of them. For example:

  • Start-up disrupting antiquated health care billing and payments systems in healthcareW2O is helping this innovative company cut through competitive jargon and drive awareness and sales with chief financial officers at leading healthcare provider organizations and medical groups. The company is focused not just on business growth but on evolving the patient experience across the patient journey.
  • Growing SaaS B2B Company: Looking to target CIOs at large payers, W2O has helped this company grow by defining and highlighting an existing problem and providing awareness of our client’s solution to the right audience. Over a 12-month period, the client has increased its user base by more than 50 percent for its multi-million dollar product.
  • Large, Entrenched Tech Player Entering Health Care: Moving from mainframes into healthcare, the company faced the challenge of speaking to a new audience. With W2O’s expertise in health care and technology, we helped guide the established company into a new growth space for the company.
  • Established, Fortune 25 Health Care Company: Looking to increase sales among health care decision makers, W2O conducted analytics to determine the best way to reach this niche audience and drove a successful earned media program highlighting the client’s innovative digital tools for consumers.

Business leaders rely on data to make important decisions every day.  At W2O we do the same with a pioneering team of 100+ data scientists that arm the companies we work with the information and insights they need to make decisions that impact critical business goals – from entering the healthcare sector for the first time to targeting chief information officers to creating a go-to market strategy for a product aimed at the C-suite executives in the provider and payer companies.

We use our deep knowledge of the healthcare space, proprietary database mapping the one million plus people active in the health care ecosystem and advanced analytics, we can find the health care audiences important to you, determine what messages resonate with them and execute a data-driven marketing and communications campaigns to help you meet your business objectives.

Forward-thinking brands partner with us. Are you ready to join them?

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