What2Know Podcast | Ep. 31 | Kim L. Hunter, Founder & CEO of The LAGRANT Foundation

Like many industries, the marcoms field suffers from a lack of diversity. Whether it’s age, ethnicity, physical abilities, or gender, we as a collective have been missing the mark. This week’s guest Kim L. Hunter noticed this issue and decided to provide a solution.

Kim wears many hats. He is the founder & managing Partner of KLH & Associates, president & CEO of LAGRANT COMMUNICATIONS and founder & CEO of The LAGRANT Foundation (TLF). Despite his multiple ventures, he ensures that diversity is the cornerstone of each. Our firm has had the pleasure of working closely with TLF. Last year we teamed up with TLF to create a first-of-its-kind fellowship targeting ethnic minorities pursuing careers in healthcare communications and the experience has been incredible. Kim’s passion to make the industry more representative of the evolving world around us is inspiring.

We discussed why diversity matters to your company and clients, plus we dig into some of his Motown favorites. Take a listen below.

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Aaron Strout
Aaron Strout

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