We’ve all heard how integration is the key to success for our One Long Hallway and while many are away at the WCG leadership summit in Las Vegas, the New York associates decided it’s time we act! On December 4th, we held the first New York Associates Meeting. The New York Associates Meeting is a monthly meeting where associates gather to learn, collaborate and integrate with one another. This meeting presents an opportunity for one (or multiple) associates to present on a specific topic; a current project, their teams’ role or something they are interested in. Knowledge is the strongest tool we have, so spreading the wealth will keep us on our A game and ensure success.

The meeting panned out a little like this:

Guest speaker: Not only is this meeting a place for associates to learn from one another, but a chance to hear from the leaders of W2O Group. Each month we plan to invite a guest speaker to come and talk to the group about their career development and successes. Rowena Kam was nice enough to be our first guest speaker and take time out of her day to sit down and talk with us.

  • Rowena shared her background and her full career change up from beginning as a paralegal to thoughts of being a financial advisor to finally becoming an analytics expert.
  • She discussed her role here at WCG and explained how the Analytics team has grown substantially over the past year she has been here.
  • As the Analytics team continues to grow, Rowena expressed her goal for full integration with Account teams across WCG.

Thank you again, Rowena, for talking with us! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did.

Media and engagement: For this month’s associate presentation, I shared insight on the Earned Media team’s capabilities and standard operating procedures. Because Earned Media is a fairly new team here at WCG, its vital to our efficiency that we enlighten others as to what it is that we do! It is so important that all of us associates gain insight into what goes on within each team. I defined the PESO model that exists within the Media and Engagement team and delved a bit deeper into Media Team Overview document of our roles and responsibilities and how to engage with media team leads. Finally, I shared information on pitching media that I learned when attending a PRSA-NY event at the Wall Street Journal.

Slideshow Karaoke: As a fun personal growth opportunity, we decided to integrate a recommended exercise that Paul Dyer introduced me to; Slideshow Karaoke. Bri Quaglia bravely volunteered to stand up in front of the group and present a PowerPoint slideshow she had never seen before. This learning opportunity is an exercise in public speaking and presenting and a fun activity that Meredith and I plan to integrate into each of our meetings. Although we are only associates now, we all understand that there will be a point in time when we are traveling for new business pitches, presenting on conference calls and speaking during other events. Slideshow Karaoke is a unique outlet for us to practice our presentation skills and get positive feedback and encouraging advice from our peers on how to hone our skills moving forward.

Overall, the first New York Associates Meeting was a success. We received a lot of positive feedback from those who were able to attend and even got volunteer presenters for our February meeting. We are eagerly awaiting our next gathering when Meredith will share a bit about her role as a healthcare associate here at WCG.

Lauren Barbiero & Meredith Crowder