If you’re a client (or potential client) there are so many reasons to choose W2O Group – like our ability to provide insights-driven, custom-developed, marketing communications (across PR, advertising, digital marketing, corp comms as well as paid, earned, shared and owned media); Or the fact that when it comes to healthcare marketing communications – specifically the intersection of healthcare and tech – we are leading the way!

But actually, this post isn’t about clients. It’s about YOU and about building your career at W2O. It’s about why now is the perfect time.

I joined W2O with an incredible optimism about what could be possible, a bit of pragmatism about what was probable, and a healthy dose of skepticism. Fast forward six months and I couldn’t be more thrilled at the speed of our progress thus far, and more optimistic about our collective future… as well as the future of those joining us now.

Here’s why:

1. We’re ahead of the curve as it relates to the agency business model.

We’re not a holding company. And don’t intend to become one. (In fact, we’ve remained independent.) And it’s interesting to note how the holding companies are looking to replicate our model. Our client-centric approach, which we’ve undertaken from the beginning, allows us to deliver excellent service to clients and a great platform to build a career (few silos, few egos, and even fewer competing priorities means there are few limitations to your career growth and trajectory). It’s also helping us achieve double-digit growth.

2. We’re maintaining our ‘start-up’ DNA while maturing in our processes.

The agility and uniqueness of a start-up is something we continue to nurture, even as we grow. And we’re beginning to shed the frustration that goes along with the lack of process at start-ups. About 18 months ago we moved from being completely founder-led, to bringing in an investment partner so we could put in place better infrastructure and systems to deliver work – like smarter finance systems and tools for real-time decision-making, or leaders with expertise to scale. There’s still more to be done, of course, but these new systems are the foundation of our continued growth.

3. We’re making strategic investments (in people, process, technology, and capabilities).

Investments in our business have allowed us to expand our reach and capabilities, increase people and training to improve benefits and programs (like unlimited PTO, 16 weeks of maternity leave, and a unique offering for new parents). These investments also allow us to recruit talent with broader and deeper skills to better balance the workload (a 60% increase in new hires over last year), and really beef up our analytics tools and offerings (like MDigitalLife, Call-Center Analytics or Linguistics to name a few).

 4. We’re still evolving so it’s easy to make your mark here.

Since its inception some 16 years ago, W2O continues to shape itself into something new and different. To be successful at W2O, you will need to thrive on ambiguity, challenge, and collaboration; and get energized by constantly challenging the status quo.  Doing so here allows you to make an incredible impact on your clients, on the firm, and on your career.

Take Brian Reid, for instance. He realized that pricing and politics where going to take its toll on our clients’ business. So rather than wait to be asked, he developed a proposal. And in a matter of months, it was funded and turned into a new  practice that is helping to change the way the industry approaches this issue.  Or Rob Jekielek who is finalizing a new approach to corporate reputation with our Relevance Model and Index as a leading indicator of corporate brand health.

We’re looking for more people who have that entrepreneurial drive and grit to help shape our future.

5. We’re making it easy for you to find purpose here.

Selecting a job is easy. Finding a career that truly resonates with your “why” isn’t. But when you do, it’s very rewarding. At W2O, what you do contributes to improving lives or transforming the world – whether it’s working on business that helps those with cancer or other debilitating illnesses; or helping to drive transformation through technology and reinventing how we live and work.

So, if you’ve never considered W2O, we’d love to hear from you… and if you have in the past but weren’t sure the time was right, perhaps this glimpse into what’s been going on might give you reasons WhyW2O Now More Than Ever! Here’s a link to our latest jobs: http://www.w2ogroup.com/culture-and-careers/