If you know me you know that I am huge fan of music. I could discuss a myriad of albums, across genres and decades for hours. Like many industries, the business of creating music has evolved due to social media. This week I had the opportunity to sit down and discuss how social media has evolved the music industry with one of my favorite artists, ZZ Ward. She’s got an incredibly unique sound and has worked with some of the industry’s best, including Gary Clark Jr. and Kendrick Lamar. Aside from her amazing talent, she has a deep understanding of how to leverage social media to connect with her fans in an authentic way.

Naturally we discuss music, her influences and what it’s like being a touring artist, but she also shares how she is able to directly and authentically communicate to her fans via social media. Specifically, we discuss how she uses her Instagram to give her fans direct access (even if that means they see she is not a morning person) and this level of access has helped shape her relationship with her fans. Take a listen below and if you haven’t subscribed be sure you do!